Happy New Year!

As we all await the safe return of live entertainment, we will be closing out 2020 with live performance and interview on

In the Green Room  

Tonight (Dec 29th) at 6pm Arizona time!

The show will be live streaming on the following platforms:

Facebook: InTheGreenRoom.Green

Instagram: inthegreenroom.green

Webcast: https://starworldwidenetworks.com/shows/in-the-green-room

And will be posted to the shows YouTube Channel later in the evening.


We wish you all a safe and healthy new year and look forward to seeing you tonight (and anywhere in 2021)!

Thanks - The Sahnas Brothers



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A message and video from the Brothers:

We hope everyone is staying safe, and healthy!  We are taking this opportunity to finish TWO incredible new records!

In the meanwhile, please enjoy this live streamed concert performed at


on March 28th 2020





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